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Tractor Sitting by SlugBurger

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(Dont feel pressured I know life can be a stinker this is just to help me keep track! )

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(youll have to input these yourself seeing as I have to watch my ass now )

Personal Tumblr: itsyybitsycupcakes (Come Talk to me!!)
Art Tumblr: drowningginart (Raffles/freebies/Whatever else will be held here)
As Their Story Unfolds Universe (tumblr): astheirstoryunfolds

Wysp: slugburger

Instagram: _The_Mumbler_

Please join me on all these sites seeing as they are more tolerant and more on top of their shit!
Thankkkk youuuuuuu nerds

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Hey Nerds

Is DA eating anyone elses comments? Like Ill go through my pictures/journals and notice comments that I never got a notification for....

so yeah sorry to anyone if I dont respond... I prob never got it.


To Cute For Words by SlugBurger
To Cute For Words
A present for :icondannums: I hope you like it! Feel better soon <3
I love the colors so darn much <3 Those ears almost killed me though lol

Im realizing that my "sketches" are becoming more detailed and fine lined. couldnt stick with the messy lines dang it

Art belongs to me :ionslugburger:

Character belongs to :icondannums:
Classy Monster Lady *Adopt* * Open* by SlugBurger
Classy Monster Lady *Adopt* * Open*
This lovely lady is $20!

Belongs To: ...

Holy Crap, I never thought I would ever get her done. She was originally going to be for a monster zine but that fell through. She was also only going to be $5 but I put a lot of work into yeap I think I deserve to put her up to that price. Whatever I think she is absolutely lovely.
I know I kinda swore off adopts but ... I kinda like creating characters! but then I shove them in a folder and they never get used :(

Art and character belong to me :iconslugburger:
  • Mood: Hysterical
Hey everyone Im going to be trying this prompt because I seem to be hitting an inspiration wall and I like monsters so here we go!

I think I will be doing girls and boys just cause I want some variety.

1. Harpy
2. Centaur
3. Slime
4. Naga
5. MermaidI found you miss new booty by SlugBurger
6. Spider Girl
7. Plant GirlSweet On You Inktober #2 by SlugBurger
8. OctomaidPlease Leave Inktober #3 by SlugBurger
9. Demon Darling lets swing together. #4 by SlugBurger
10. SuccubusInktober #6 Come, give us a kiss dear by SlugBurger
11. True Monster My soul Inside is black and dangerous by SlugBurger
12. Zombie
13. Insect Girl
14. Dullahan
15. Dragon/Reptile Girl
16. Ghost
17. Robot
18. Alien
19. Cyclops
20. Satyr
21. Canine Girl
22. Feline Girl
23. Yōkai
24. Multiple Limbs
25. Favorite Monster Girl
26. Favorite Monster Girl Character
27. A Truly Gruesome Girl
28. A Group of Monster Girls Together
29. A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other
30. Celebrate Monster Girls!

Commission Sheet:

Adoptables going cheap:
Kaia adopts open cash/points by SlugBurgerDoe'Wahs Adoptable cash/points by SlugBurgerLaguna Adopts cash/points by SlugBurger:thumb369532749:

Sassy Mouse Adopt *open* by SlugBurgerBunny Adopt $Cash$  *OPEN* by SlugBurger
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*Help This Artist*
:bulletpink: Im getting less hours at work (Sometimes going down to like three) and I would really like to at least make up some of the difference by commissions. So I can go get some christmas presents yo XD  :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: If you commission me with an adoptable bought from me you get 25% off your purchase :bulletpink:

*Extra Info:*
:bulletpink: Paypal only please
:bulletpink: Please send me a note with detailed info on what you would like done
:bulletpink: When you receive your art please do not take off my signature. It is there to let everyone know that I made this. I worked hard on it, its not very nice to take that away from me.
:bulletpink: For more examples of my work please check out my gallery…

*Things I Wont Do:*
:bulletpink: Titans (From Attack on Titan)
:bulletpink: Rape, Nonconsenual

New Commission List by SlugBurger
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*Favored Comissioners: *
(order doesnt matter)

* :iconvamspapi:
* :icondannums:
* :icondraecat:

Want to become a favored Commissioner???
A little something for my commissioners

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*Commissions done so far:*

:star:Mmm Dem Lips (Commission) by SlugBurger:star:Old Timey Picture (commission by SlugBurger:star:The Desert Moon (commission) by SlugBurger:star:Feel Our Wrath (commission) by SlugBurger:star:Hey you!  :Commission: by SlugBurger:star:Sssssnuggle Buddies by SlugBurger:star:To be a hummingbird by SlugBurger:star:Before it was cool by SlugBurger:star:Steampunk Assassin colored sketch commission by SlugBurger:star:Pokemoon trainer colored sketch commission by SlugBurger:star:Trin headshot commission by SlugBurger:star:Princess Orange headshot commission by SlugBurger:star:Eris headshot commission by SlugBurger:star:Nathan headshot commission by SlugBurger:star:Doodlebotbop commission by SlugBurger:star:Vamspapi Colored Sketch commission #1 by SlugBurger:star:Vamspapi Colored Sketch Commision #2 by SlugBurger:star:Horse Commission by SlugBurger:star:Cnid squishie Commission by SlugBurger:star:Maxlacus Commission by SlugBurger:star:Ijustwantlove commission by SlugBurger:star:

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Here Ya go Sluggy - I drew a Beautiful Canadian Moose for You . Spread'in some Canadian love with a little Canadian beer too ... LOL  i have no life XD!!!!
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well I was gonna be all cool and be like... I see your moose and I raise you... someother kinda moose but apparently I cant draw in the comments! lol
But ILl take both canadian beer and the moose and ride into the sunset and a mad candian fervor XD
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